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Magill Construction Company, Inc., is a family-owned, full-service general contractor that has built an outstanding reputation for identifying and executing best practices, creating better solutions for businesses.

Since 1953, we have worked closely with clients to precisely tailor their construction programs to solve challenges and meet specific objectives. Magill has served leading corporations, schools, churches, healthcare and government clients with the confidence and commitment needed to meet our clients' every goal.


Our general contracting, construction management, design-build, and build-lease services are the result of an extensive résumé. We utilize the latest construction technologies to reduce costs and increase quality. We are driven to deliver on time and within your budget. MAGILL – relationships built to last.

Why Choose Magill?

• Building Value
Magill is proud of its proven track record of finding the right solutions for clients based on their specific needs. By adhering to rigid cost containment practices, we can produce the highest quality facilities, yielding the best possible value for your investment.

• Proven Experience
We have built a wide variety of structures since 1953. Our knowledge and versatility enable us to handle any challenges that come our way.

• Guaranteed Maximum Price
Magill offers the most competitive GMP program in the industry thanks to our experience and relationships with subcontractors and vendors.

• Strong Industry Relationships
Established relationships with industry partners result in a solid team with time-tested, shared procedures to move your project toward a successful completion on time and within budget.


Healthcare Facilities

Never is your choice of a general contractor more important than when you are considering one to build a healthcare facility. At Magill, we take a doctor's approach to these projects, and that begins with putting you at ease. Magill's key personnel are ASHE-trained and medically certified. We understand the requirements necessary for your facility to pass the Joint Commission inspections and we stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in this ever-changing industry.

Your institution needs to serve a greater good – infectious disease control, quiet rooms, easy navigation, patient comfort. We consider every detail before our shovel ever breaks ground. Magill's experience building these facilities means your project is in highly capable hands. We invite you to tour any of the many healthcare facilities we've proudly built.

Magill has operated as a precision-focused general contractor since 1953. Rest assured, you can trust us to serve you on your healthcare facility project.


Educational Facilities

At Magill, we understand that a positive learning environment is conducive to better learning. Students need abundant lighting, quiet rooms, and access to technology to succeed in their education. By understanding the needs of tomorrow's thinkers, we can better appreciate the considerations of building a modern educational facility.

Our experience attests to our ability to build your facility. Whether yours is a primary education center, a secondary education institution, collegiate, or even a physical instruction building, we can handle every aspect – from classroom to technology to the performing arts center.

We have helped shape the future of education since 1953. Rest assured, you can trust us to serve you on your educational facility project.


Retail Facilities

Searching for a general contractor to help you make your retail space a reality? Magill has the experience to not just construct your facility, but to make it as rewarding an investment as possible.

Your new establishment will be a reflection of your company name and the quality it represents. The vision you put into taking your company to the next level is matched by the passion Magill puts into your retail environment. Does your facility stand out as totally unique or does it require precision in order to replicate the retail chain? What consumer conveniences can be integrated into the project? We can involve you every step of the way, or, if you prefer, we can fully manage the project and keep you informed as it progresses.

Magill settles for nothing less than uncompromising performance, our commitment since 1953. Rest assured, you can trust us to serve you on your retail facility project.


Religious Facilities

Religious institutions are much more than a gathering place for prayer. At the heart of any faith-based organization are family and community. Beyond aesthetics and acoustics, one thing cannot be overlooked: your new place of worship should be a place that just feels right. At Magill, we put our heart and soul into these projects as though we are building them for our own families and neighbors.

Magill has a passion for constructing religious facilities. Our team has worked with a variety of congregations and budgets to make sure the needs and desires of the building committee are met. We are frequently recommended by pastors who have seen our commitment firsthand.

We have helped our clients reach a higher standard since 1953. Rest assured, you can trust Magill to serve you on your religious facility project.


Industrial Facilities

Like a successful manufacturer or supplier, Magill knows the value of on-time delivery and putting quality into everything we do.

World-class industrial clients count on our 21st century sensibility. We consider product flow, accessibility issues and safety techniques to ensure your facility satisfies your needs today and into the future. There are countless ways to utilize an industrial property, but your specific application deserves the one-to-one attention that the Magill team provides.

We have helped build the American manufacturing landscape since 1953. You can trust us to serve you on your industrial facility project.



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