Take a close look ... at how well your investment is doing!

Giving to our future

If you've contributed to Hillel Milwaukee in the past, or you decide today to make your first investment in Hillel, we sincerely thank you for your support of our mission. And we want you to know just how significantly you help hundreds of students annually.

You see, your time or financial investment in Hillel Milwaukee goes much further than simply sponsoring meals and programs. History shows that Hillel profoundly enriches students' lives by:


• cultivating pride in being young, Jewish adults

• creating lifelong friendships

• connecting them with local synagogues and other Jewish organizations

• preparing them to give back to the community

Those are just some of the ways your help reaches beyond today. Through the decades, Hillel has brought together strangers who became close friends, eventually married and started families that continue to carry on meaningful Jewish identities to this day.

Your support of Hillel echoes through the years, irrevocably touching the lives of Hillel alumni, their families, their congregations and their communities.

Welcome to the house

It’s an open door … a home away from home. Students come to socialize, to engage or to do homework. Our contemporary kosher kitchen and spacious common area ensure that we can host large groups and amazing programs.

Close to the university

Young adults discover their first taste of independence amidst an unfamiliar campus populated by new faces. Uprooted from the reassuring familiarity of high school, they almost immediately begin to rebuild their circle of friends. In these confusing days of discovery and acclimation, one welcoming light burns brightly near the UW-Milwaukee campus. Hillel Milwaukee.




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