Unleash your dark side

Deep within the imaginations of certain Softail owners, there exists a feeling of unrest, a desire for change. A darker side that has zero tolerance for the status quo. Maybe this is you we're talking about here. In that not-so-distant chunk of your subconscious, you're street cruising after dark on a two-wheeled attitude adjuster. The machine's smooth body lines are right where you'd have put them yourself. And now that imagination has become reality, it's time for a ride of discovery.

Meet the motorcycle that rules the road - Street Stalker. The alter ego of the good-natured Harley-Davidson Softail, Street Stalker seems more like an evil twin. Better still, a second personality. Inspired by the creative mind of renowned custom bike builder Lil' John Buttera, Street Stalker is your very own Softail-gone-custom. Only your H-D dealer has the three stages of Street Stalker accessories. Have them installed, or do it yourself with basic hand tools. Suddenly, your ride looks ready to rumble. What's left? Throw your leg over the saddle, and take a ride on the dark side.


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