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Why Choose Delta Medical Systems?

You take pride in being part of an organization dedicated to saving lives. Meet an imaging equipment service provider that shares that spirit.

Since 1979, Delta Medical Systems has put patient care first, diligently supporting our customers' goals. From reducing patient dose to enhancing your productivity and profitability, Delta helps you drive your business forward.


We understand the unique challenges of the rural and community hospital market as well as the flexible needs of private practice start-ups.  Your organization deserves the robust services and expertise once reserved exclusively for large hospitals. That's why Delta provides a range of comprehensive, value-enhanced service plans. Critical systems demand real-time remote management and OEM trained Customer Service Engineers to identify, diagnose and perform repairs with minimal interruption to your workflow. All while protecting your bottom line.

We care about what matters most to you – one reason Delta Medical Systems has been a leading imaging equipment dealer for 35 years and counting.

A Different Service Experience

The Siemens brand is synonymous with quality. But not all service partners are created equal. If you've had unsatisfactory experiences in the past, wait until you discover the Delta Medical Systems difference.

We work exclusively with the Siemens product family. We have no conflicting alliances, so we make it a priority to deliver a responsive, uncomplicated service experience. Our high NPS (Net Promoter Score) tells you just how satisfied and loyal our customers are. If you're ready for a change, you've found it.

How Does the Delta-Siemens Partnership Benefit You?

We are an Advanced Partner for Siemens Healthcare, the worldwide pioneer in imaging systems. This gives us direct access to the knowledge base, mission-critical technology and support services responsible for keeping your operation healthy.

  • Local/regional engineers for fast response

  • OEM trained and experienced

  • Personable service relationships

Beyond hardware and software, our Siemens partnership affords us the ultimate resources to assess your facility's needs; offer business consulting, financial review and cash flow analysis; and provide everything from field services to full project management.

Put simply, you receive world-class, Siemens-quality service with the community-minded focus of a local provider.

 Corrective Maintenance

When one of your systems fails, response time must be measured in minutes and hours, not days. You'll have direct access to our world-class service teams for fast, reliable support. Benefits include:

  • ·         Preliminary phone diagnosis using remote connection to certain equipment – can often prevent a service visit

  • ·         Adjustments and system check

  • ·         Detailed documentation on all corrective maintenance

  • ·         Local and regional factory-trained engineers

  • ·         Certified test equipment that adheres to ISO 9001 standards of excellence

  • ·         Certified parts

  • ·         Escalation process

o   Primary engineer is first in line for response

o   Secondary and tertiary engineers on standby

o   Unresolved issues escalate to service manager/national technical manager/product development group

 Can a Performance Service Plan Really Reduce Costs?

Yes – and that's just the beginning. Your healthcare facility must operate more efficiently than ever to ensure a healthy bottom line. The industry's growing insistence on service agreements is no coincidence. Proactively maintaining your imaging equipment investment increases profitability. Here are a few key reasons:

  • ·         Easy path to mitigate risks

  • ·         Extended equipment lifecycle reduces new purchases

  • ·         Service agreements are budget friendly

  • ·         Technology updates that prevent obsolescence

Let us show you the ideal Delta Performance Service Plan for your organization. You'll improve your ROI, and more importantly, ensure dependable care for your patients.

 Enhanced Productivity Services (EPS)

Elevate the features of your Performance Service Plan. Optimize performance, streamline workflow, reinforce compliance and potentially improve patient care while increasing the return on your investment.

Guardian Program™ – Real-time remote monitoring of your systems. Replace that unpredictable reactive repair cycle with a proactive approach to boost system uptime and your bottom line. Included TubeGuard coverage takes the guesswork out of when a CT tube will fail – a costly workflow disruption. Remote monitoring enables Delta Medical Systems to predict tube failure.

Utilization Management™ – System usage reporting to identify revenue opportunities. Using performance data collected on daily operations, we send you a monthly detailed overview so you can optimize your operations.

Virus Protection – System-specific software customized to protect against virus attacks. The application works in the background to keep a silent but vigilant watch. Updates are automatic, so no IT intervention is required.

 Extended Service Options

Seeking added peace of mind? Customize with a la carte service coverage for extended hours coverage or off-peak hours.

Off-Peak Advantage

This option allows for Preventive Maintenance (PMs) and Modifications to be performed after hours.

Emergency Repair Coverage for down room situations

When repair of your system simply cannot wait until contract hours, this option allows for a Service Engineer to be dispatched to the site to perform critical diagnoses and repair at no additional cost.

Principle Coverage Period (PCP) extension

This option extends your service agreement hours.

Any of the above three options:

  • ·         Provide optimum uptime and are budget friendly

  • ·         Improve your workflow and productivity; no maintenance interruptions during peak hours                    

  • ·         Prevent disruptions to patient service

  • ·         Increase utilization simply by preventing scheduled downtime

  • ·         Potentially increase your revenue, with more time available to scan patients

 Services at a Glance

 Response Time

This option reduces response time for unscheduled service calls:

  • ·         24/7 on-call support

  • ·         Predefined rapid response time based on your agreement type

  • ·         Preferred on-site support

Performance Guarantee

Assures maximum system availability:

  • ·         We guarantee that the equip­ment will function at a minimum uptime performance level based on your agreement type.

  • ·         We offer remedies if this uptime is not maintained.

Spare Parts/Parts Delivery/Order Time

We cover all necessary spare parts (excluding consumables and special components) and include pre­ferred status for parts delivery. Including Spare Parts under your service contract protects you and your budget against unexpected expenses. Benefits include:

  • ·         Rapid delivery of OEM-approved spare parts

  • ·         Glassware coverage for x-ray tube and image intensifier

  • ·         Protection for Flat Panel Detectors

  • ·         Replacement parts have current revision software  and up to date hardware levels

Technical Phone Support & Applications Support

Gives you direct access to specialist for fast diagnosis and technical support.

Preventative Maintenance, Safety and Quality Inspections

Preventative Maintenance is scheduled, customer-oriented maintenance to ensure peak system reliability, increase system longevity and avoid downtime. Benefits include:

  • ·         Control and adjustment of system parameters to factory specifications

  • ·         Verification of specified performance and functionality

  • ·         Exchange of wear-and-tear components

  • ·         Lubrication and cleansing tasks

  • ·         Supervision via remote diagnostics

  • ·         Detailed documentation on the system's condition

Safety and Quality Inspections help ensure that your system is safe and fully compliant with the manufacturer's or country's safe­ty standards. Regular inspections help to achieve consistent, high-quality images that aid the physician in making a diagnosis without the need for repeated exposures. Benefits include:

  • ·         Tracking and scheduling of required tests and inspections

  • ·         Mechanical and electrical safety

  • ·         Selected country-specific tests (e.g. radiation checks)

  • ·         Adjustments and verification of specified quality parameters

  • ·         Detailed documentation on inspection and system condition

Updates Installed

Continuous updates of software and mandatory hardware to ensure that your system will remain on the cutting edge. Benefits include:

  • ·         Quality and Safety Inspections as previously listed

  • ·         Continuous monitoring of available updates and system status

  • ·         Delivery of Performance modifications, safety modifications and refinement modifications

  • ·         Detailed documentation on all updates

Remote Service – Supported by Siemens

Remote technology that links you to imaging system experts via a high-speed network. Benefits include:

  • ·         Online diagnostics, updating, auto-reporting and repair

  • ·         Required for guaranteed uptime performance

Obsolescence Protection with syngo® Evolve

Delta uses Siemens' own syngo® Evolve, which delivers updates and upgrades for both software and hardware. Get more life out of your existing system without added capital expense. Not available on all products.



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